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Peaches Baby Changing Mat

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Mini Maison's peach changing mat is a sweet addition to your baby's nursery decor. Pastels are incredibly popular in nursery decor and peach is the warm pastel shade that brings a 1970s and boho vibe. Our fruit peaches still have the green stalks on, making the colour palette easy to use in your home.

Made from high quality nursery-grade foam and with a PVC (phthalate free) cover, our collection of contemporary baby changing mats are easy to wipe down too and look so good you can have them on display all the time.

Styling tip: Pair your Peaches changing mat with brass accents for a contemporary look.

Mini Maison is changing the face of baby changing mats... every nursery needs one, so choose one that looks great and works with YOUR modern nursery decor.

Designed to keep your baby comfortable while also looking beautiful and working WITH the rest of your nursery decor. 

Designed and made in the UK and available exclusively at Mini Maison (by an interiors-loving mum who couldn't find contemporary changing mats anywhere else!) - we are leading the way in nursery changing mats.

Outer Material: PVC

Size: 79 x 46cm


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