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Misioo Grey Round Ball Pit - Turquoise


These are no ordinary ball pits... these are the Rolls Royce of ballpits. These grey ball pits look super stylish in a nursery, bedroom, playroom and even living room... and the covers are washable!

This grey colour comes with white, grey and turquoise / mint balls (200 with the normal depth and 300 with the extra deep).

The ballpit comes in two height options: 30 cm & 40 cm - the 40cm will last well in to toddler hood but if you're on more of a budget then the 30cm is perfect for you.

They're made entirely of foam (including the bottom) and have a grey removable cover which is lovely and soft and most importantly can be washed at 40°c.

If you prefer a different colour to grey then take a look at our colour ball pits here.

Dimensions of the Grey Ball Pit:
Diameter: approx. 90 cm

Sides thickness approx. 6 cm and bottom thickness approx. 1 cm

Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane 

The 30cm round ball pool includes 200 coloured balls and the 40cm round ball pit includes 300 balls

If you would like to buy extra balls you can do so here.

The balls are made from LDPE plastic, are odour-free & CE tested. The diameter of each ball is 7 cm.

Ball pit should only be used by babies and children able to sit by themselves (the manufacturer recommends 12 months and older for 30cm deep and 18 months and older 40cm deep) and children should be supervised at all times.The ball pits fulfill the requirements of Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys.

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