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Animals Ladder Wall Sticker

£59.00 GBP



This beautiful Hartendief wall sticker is the perfect accompaniment to our Moon Kiss Wall Lamp or wall paper.

The wall sticker depicts a bear trying to climb a ladder to the moon and give it a kiss - supported by his pals, the fox and the beavers. The size is 150cm x 46cm.

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Once applied it can be removed with no issues however it cannot be re-applied so it's important to measure and make sure of its placement before permanently sticking to the wall. We recommend  applying the sticker from the bottom to the top. Once applied it's also quick and easy to remove any air bubbles underneath.


Please note! We can't guarantee adhesion of our sticker to a textured wall. There will be too much air under the sticker so that it will eventually let go. In that case we recommend placing the sticker on a panel.


Hartendief is available exclusively at Mini Maison in the UK.

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