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Posted on September 20 2018



Mini Maison Grey and Mustard Nursery

 If you've been following us on Instagram you'll know that we moved our two eldest children into a bedroom together (see the blog post here) and have made the smallest bedroom, our baby's nursery. 

Even though we knew we were having a boy I knew I'd want quite a neutral scheme with beigy-greys and hints of mustard yellow, deep blue and natural wood. The room is small and we have held off getting our cot delivered as we wanted to make the most out of the room without having a cot that wasn't going to be used for 6 months (baby will be in our bedroom for the first half a year in a bedside crib).

My starting point for the room, from the moment I found out I was expecting a baby, was our Grey Cloud wallpaper by Bartsch. I knew I'd want to use it, even if it was just on one wall (I know feature walls are a bit passé but I felt like any more might detract from some of the accessories I wanted to use) quite simply because it is the most beautiful wallpaper I could think of using. The quality is like no other and the detail is exquisite (the raindrops have a very slight metallic sheen to them, that you only notice as you move around the room)... the best quality cloud wallpaper on the market. With this wallpaper I knew it would have that look of luxury that I don't think you get from the high street versions of cloud wallpapers. The colour is described as grey but is slightly more greige (beige/grey), helping to keep the nursery light and bright.

Mini Maison Cloud Nursery

We reused an old John Lewis chest of drawers that would double up as the changing table - one that had been used for the same purposes for our other children. The only other piece of furniture we have in the room is a simple small white wardrobe from Ikea. The rest of the space is furnished with our accessories, creating a beautiful space for our baby.

Above the changing table we have our bestselling Sleepymoon Lampshade, which was another must-have for me when I was planning the nursery. There's nothing that says dreamy quite like it. We now have various different designs to choose from, each as magical as the other - the full Hartendief collection is here.

I did two different set-ups for the photos - one for when the changing station is on top of the drawers and one when it isn't (as soon as baby can roll I'll move it to the floor). 


We've also used our starry night changing mat, star nightlight and star storage bags as part of the changing station set-up - all in keeping with this night time, dreamy feel. 

The accessories are grouped into little collections, providing focal points within the room. The nightlights create such a beautiful display when grouped together - it's simple but really effective.


Remembering that the nursery is for a newborn I wanted to include some monochrome touches (newborns can only see in black and white for the first few months) to help with development. I popped a few of our Art Cards out which are beautifully illustrated but also designed with baby's little eyes in mind - when not on display we put them in his crib to give him something to look at when we need to pop him down for a minute or two. We've also used our Etta Loves muslins to decorate the space, because they're sensory AND beautifully designed.

Our wooden objets by our brand Ciao Bambino are made to be part toy/part decor and I particularly love the natural wood part running through the middle of the one we used.

And of course, no nursery would be complete without a canopy (that will eventually hang over the cot) to create a beautifully styled room. Made from a beautiful, natural feeling fabric (no netting in sight here) and in a gorgeous greige colour, it just ties the whole room together I think. Plus it has pom poms!

Natural Play Gym


Alongside our mustard herringbone playmat and our natural baby gym with activity toys, this is the perfect space for our baby to hang out in.

Creating a space for my baby was a really special part of the nesting process for me - and is one of the reasons I did it before the baby was born, even without a cot. Plus, who has time to plan and decorate a nursery once the baby is here??! As this is my third baby I really wanted to make this really clearly a baby's nursery and to embrace that innocence and pureness of a newborn.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about what we've done then please get in touch on

Here is the full list of products featured:

Grey Cloud wallpaper
Sleepymoon Lampshade
Starry night changing mat
Star nightlight
Cloud nightlight
Sun nightlight
Star storage bags
Art Cards
Etta Loves muslins
Ciao Bambino Wooden Rainbow 
Grey Canopy
Mustard herringbone playmat
Natural Play Gym
Gym activity toys
Yellow Cellular Blanket


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