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It's been such a long time since our last blog post (sooorrryyyy!) that I felt this one needed to be a cracker! So here we are with our New Baby Checklist, your go-to guide on what you need for your new arrival. I hope it was worth the wait.

New Baby Checklist

I'm the sort of person who has a colour coded excel spreadsheet for every occasion, and pregnancy only made this worse. I had a very clear list of what we needed for the baby, along with links of where to get each item for and the price/s. After I'd had my babies a few friends, knowing my penchant for organising, contacted me to ask for a copy of my super-duper list. So I thought why not let you all have access to this, but this time in a really pretty document that you can pin to your wall or keep on your desk. 

Mini Maison Checklist


So here it is! If you want to download the full document, it you can do so FOR FREE by going here:


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