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Mini Maison Christmas Gift Guide


The countdown is ON… Christmas is on its way! Mini Maison is, what I would describe, as a ‘Christmas-y house’… as in, we LOVE Christmas. Last year we bought our real tree FAR too early, due to high levels of excitement, that it had pretty much died by the time Christmas Day came around… drooping branches and all. We won’t be doing that again.

Since I started Mini Maison earlier this year I've discovered some really great brands, also small businesses trying to earn a buck or two to raise their kids with. And I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of them with you, so I’ve spent some time putting together a list of gifts that I think would be great for the babies and young children in your life this Christmas. You won’t find any plastic toys on this list, just well-made and thought out products.


First up, I highly recommend using Christmas as an excuse to buy babies all the clothes and accessories that you’ve coveted throughout the year, but haven’t quite got around to buying. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite clothing brands out there, all run by mamas, all making baby clothes that I think rock. I REALLY struggled to narrow it down, simply because there are some SUPER talented mums out there, rocking the #mumboss life!

Love Roo

Love Roo sells THE most adorable baby shoes for pre-walkers. They come in a range of styles but my absolute favourites are their ‘Moe The Bunny’ shoes. Have you ever seen anything cuter, ever?! They have little bunny ears and a fluffy bunny tail! You can choose your colour of organic linen and they go up to a size 18-24 months. They’re just adorable.

Love Roo


Bree and Bella

Bree and Bella’s founder, Rachel, has a background in luxury fashion, so it’s no surprise that her collection is ridiculously cool.

If you’re after something Christmas-y for your little one to wear that doesn’t have reindeer with flashing noses or pictures of Santa coming down a chimney, then take a look at these Diamond Festive leggings.

Diamond Leggings

Festive but NOT in-your-face-festive. Plus, they’re hitting the geometric mark right on the head. AND they're made from organic cotton. Available in size 0-3 months to 3-4 years, you can definitely get some fab sibling twinning going on. Products are made to order so you’ll need to wait 14 days for your little delivery, but so worth it right?

The Cotton Barn

Now November’s here, it’s getting decidedly chilly. What does your baby need…?  A hat! The hats by The Cotton Barn are on trend and will keep your little one’s head nice and warm during these chilly months. Made from soft organic cotton jersey, these beanies aren’t going to be itchy on your babe’s head.

I love the fabric of this hat. And excitingly we've got blankets coming into stock before Christmas in this exact fabric. If you're interested in this then sign up to our newsletter and we'll let you know when they're in stock.

Cotton Barn Beanie Hat Mini Maison

As with many of our Mama-made products there’s a turnaround time and The Cotton Barn’s is currently around 14 days. 

Little Living

There are times when I’m browsing online and I see a product (usually an item of clothing) and think I WISH my boys were babies still so I could buy it for them. Little Living’s romper suits are just that. They’re beautifully made and come in some gorgeous, modern fabrics and you can get matching bibs. My fav is this Explorer print romper suit:

Mini Maison Little Living Romper

While they do come in sizes up to age 4, I know there’s no way I’d get either of my boys into it now. Sob.

Tobias and the Bear

There’s one brand of children’s clothing that I absolutely have to mention… it was started by two mums in 2013 and has since grown into THE go to shop for cool clothing for little ones. Tobias and the Bear sells a range of clothing, designed and made in the UK. My must-have-item from their collection is this monochrome ‘cub’ super-soft sweatshirt.

Tobias and the Bear Cub Sweatshirt



Books… I love books. My husband and I are avid readers (well, I used to be before having a 2 and a 3 year old, and two jobs) and our boys love to read too. We’ve got bookshelves bursting at the seams all over the house, with the usual bestsellers by Julia Donaldson and classics such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea. But what about other books, ones that you might not find so easily on Amazon or in Waterstones? I’ve put together some fab alternative options here for you.

Lemon Drop Books

Lemon Drop Books was started by Mark Lemon who had become disillusioned with the lack of diversity in children’s books, and with two mixed race children of his own, Mark went about creating a series of stories with non-white characters. Otis and Thea Lemon are fast becoming favourite children’s characters across the land. Plus if you buy a copy of Otis and the Magic Scooter, £3 will be donated to Winston’s Wish a charity which helps support bereaved children. Just look at that detailed illustration on the front page… perfect! At £6.99 each you’re getting a bargain and supporting a small business… run by a Dad no less… THIS I love!

Otis Lemon Mini Maison


Truth & Tails

We have all the series from Truth & Tails and our kids love them. Truth & Tails started out of a want to create a culture of acceptance and understanding amongst children and eliminate prejudice. If that isn’t the best idea behind a small business, I don’t know what is. I’ll share with you my kids’ favourite… Molly the Mole. Molly the Mole has lots of friends, but sometimes gets sad because of how different she feels, she sometimes feels that she isn’t as good as her friends. Then one day, she realises that the reason her friends love her is because there aren’t many animals like her around and she is perfect just as she is. When you read the book out loud to your minis you literally feel so much love for Molly!

Molly the Mole Mini Maison

Other characters also include Vincent the Vixen and Carlos the Chameleon.

Smallprint Books

Smallprint Books has curated a collection of books that they hope is a little bit special. With captivating storytelling, they’ve got a selection of books from small and independent publishers. But the thing I love most about Smallprint is their Book Club.

Smallprint Books

This is a great Christmas present and you can select which category of book club you wish to join… they’ve got books for new babies all the way up to age 3-5. From £60 plus postage your little one will get a book delivered every month for 6 – 12 months. Each delivery is gift wrapped and your first delivery will come with a limited-edition book bag. My little ones LOVE it when the post arrives, so this would be the gift that keeps on giving.

Stay tuned for the second and final part of the blog that will feature toys and some all important pressies for us Mums.

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