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Welcome to the first in a series of interviews with the best of the best in kids' interiors. We have interior designers, stylists and influencers all coming here to Mini Maison's blog to share their top tips, experiences and trend predictions, exclusively for you, our Mini Maison family.

First up is Lisa from Born and Bred Studio, sharing a bit more about Born and Bred as well as some great design tips if you're redecorating a child's bedroom.

The award-winning Born and Bred Studio has been designing modern, eclectic interiors for family and children’s spaces for 3 years. After a successful career in fashion, Lisa Mettis transferred her design skills and love of textiles, colour and trend direction into the world of interiors.

Lisa is currently shaking the industry up by launching an E-Interiors service alongside her outstanding bespoke service. E-interiors are big in Australia and North America, and Born & Bred is bringing this excellent service to the UK. Whether you want a simple product-sourcing option, or a full e-interiors package that includes creation of a moodboard, a shopping list and guidance on how to style the room, Born and Bred can help you out. And do you know, Lisa is super-friendly and approachable so you won’t feel silly asking her any questions at all.

Born and Bred Studio E Interiors

Here's my little chat with Lisa.

  • How did you get into the world of interiors?

I had a long career as a designer in the fashion industry and it seemed a natural transition to turn my passion for interiors into a business. I also felt the world of interiors is perceived as being very elitist. People love their surroundings and ‘home’ is very different to a house… I wanted to celebrate real homes and living, and offer help to real people, people who actually sit on their sofa and don’t usually live with coffee table vignettes!

  •  Describe your personal interiors style in three words

Mid-century, eclectic, found

  •  Describe Born & Bred Studio's interiors style in three words

Modern, eclectic, personal

  • From where do you find your inspiration?

Total cliché... but everywhere. Living in London it’s hard not to feel inspired, we have access to amazing venues and areas. I love street art, architecture and things from the past. I love to look around vintage fairs and car boot sales.

  •  Describe your own home

My home is a typical Victorian mid terrace, with a lot of ‘stuff’ which ultimately makes it ours. I have a vast collection of reference books and little collections of toot I have picked up on my travels.  I’m a huge fan of mid-century furniture and have quite a few Ercol pieces. I also went through a period of collecting London street art & prints and have a lot of artwork.

  • What’s the most important thing to consider when designing/styling a kids’ bedroom?

Being mindful of the child’s age is always key to my work. A good example is the tween to teen stage. A child changes in every way after the transition to senior school… from influences and friendship groups and taste levels. Be mindful of how long you want this scheme to last and how it can be tweaked or changed for the future.

  • When decorating a child’s bedroom where should you never cut corners?

The curtains… you need a heavy pair of curtains with black out lining for a peaceful night!

  • How would you give a kids’ bedroom a new lease of life without breaking the bank?

Firstly clear out!! eBay, charity, give away… do you really need all of that stuff in the room!? After having a clear out, celebrate the kids belongings and put them on display instead of hiding them away in boxes. Ikea ledges are really cheap and add a bit of organisation whilst displaying books or mementos. A new rug also works wonders for a little refresh.

  • What’s your favourite current trend that translates well into children’s spaces?

I love dark interiors… it’s incredible soothing and literally feels like a big hug when you walk into a midnight blue room (see Lisa's teenage boy's room design below, and here for the full room tour). I also love the introduction of vintage pieces in a kid’s room. The individuality this adds through the patina and its imperfect nature cannot be duplicated from the high street stores.

 Dark Blue Teenager Bedroom


  • What’s the most satisfying aspect about creating a kids’ space?

It definitely has to be seeing the kids' faces… children don’t hold back and generally it’s genuine shock followed by extreme excitement. Swiftly followed by the parents' faces, who are generally relieved to have a job ticked off the list as well as happy kids.

  • What are your preferred colours & patterns to use in a kids’ bedroom?

    It really depends on the brief. But it will come as no surprise that the most requested colour is grey.  A neutral like grey is such a staple now and a perfect back drop for kids’ colourful belongings. Wallpaper is great to make an instant focal point and make a children’s room come alive.

    •  Any top tips for soon-to-be-parents designing a nursery?

    The main one… do it as soon as possible, preferably before the baby arrives otherwise it will never be done... a pretty nursery definitely isn’t top of your list in the first few challenging months of being a parent. And you know, you will use the room; maybe not straight away but for nursing and changing and finding a little breathing space, it's so useful to have.

    Grey Nursery Born and Bred

    • What trends do you predict being ‘big’ in the world of kids’ interiors in the next 12 months?

    Taking more inspiration from main interior trends and being more forward thinking with little people’s spaces (e.g. dark interiors for kids, green & pink combo). I also see a shift towards fun interiors as opposed to “a sophisticated scheme that works with the rest of the house.”

    • What’s your favourite product that we stock at Mini Maison?

      I love the neon lighting and the flamingo changing mat.

      Neon Light Mini Maison

      Quick-fire section:

      1. Paint or wallpaper? Mmm paint (at the moment!)
      2. Carpet or wood floor? Woodfloor
      3. Traditional or contemporary? Contemporary
      4. Pastels or brights? Brights
      5. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
      6. Minimal or eclectic? Eclectic
      7. Wood or marble? Marble
      8. Brass, copper, chrome or nickel? Brass
      9. Cats or dogs? Neither
      10. One thing you couldn’t live without - Dark Chocolate

      Thank to Lisa for chatting with us and giving us some really useful design tips. We will be back soon with another useful interiors expert interview.

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