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Posted on May 31 2019



Creating a creative and inspiring nursery or children's bedroom is a juggle between the practicalities versus the good design... we know, we've been here! This is just one of the reasons we've created this blog post... to help you find a practical light that looks blooming good too.


Funky children's light

Lighting in a kids' room or nursery lighting can sometimes be tricky to get right, and we believe that these rooms are the most important in the house in terms of lighting as babies and young children are so affected greatly by their surroundings. By layering lighting you can create exactly the right environment for your child.


The most obvious light in any room is the overhead light, it is part of what interior designers call ambient lighting. It provides lighting in its most basic form... a backdrop for the rest of the lights. Most other lights then fall into three categories... accent lights, task lights and decorative lights and many lights fit into more than one of these. 

When you're designing your child's bedroom think about what areas might need lighting. For example, a baby in a nursery will need lights to feed by, lights to change a nappy by, a light for bedtime stories and lighting for waking up to in the morning (remembering that babies can sometimes struggle with learning day to night and vice versa). While an older child will need a bedside lamp and a light to do homework to. And, of course, when it comes to kids' interiors we want to add some character to the room, and lighting is such a great tool to do this with.


Before you get into the fun, creative stage though always bear in mind safety... is the light age appropriate? Is it cool to the touch? Will my child be able to reach it? How can I ensure that the light is used safely? How does the light operate, does it need to be plugged in or is it battery operated.

Nursery Night Lights


With such a wonderful selection of nightlights on the market now, you'll be able to find one to suit your nursery decor. You'll find that many lights now are battery operated nightlights and have an automatic timer, so the light will switch off 30/60 minutes after you turn it on. Genius! 

Our Hartendief Collection of lampshades can be plugged in and are slightly brighter than their smaller nightlight counterparts, making them not-to-bright to sleep to but just about bright enough to change a nappy to. 



Why have a boring looking light to do a job when you can have one that works WITH the decor of the room. Lighting in a nursery or a child's bedroom is a great opportunity to be creative with your lights - making sure you have task lighting and decorative lighting as options. 


Neon Kids Light 

Wonder Lampshades

This collection of artist-designed children's lampshades are beautiful both on and off. Switched off they feature an exquisitely illustrated scene but when you turn them on the illustration changes to create a magical night time scene. Mini Maison is the exclusive UK retailer of these lampshades, they also come with a UK plug and cable (just be sure to secure the cable to the wall with children around). 

These lampshades are a soft alternative to an overhead light in a nursery and provide enough light to change a nappy at nighttime and read a bedtime story to. We even stock the matching book so you can read the story depicted in the lampshade to your little one come bedtime... such a unique and special addition to your baby's nursery or child's bedroom.

Shop the collection here.

 I hope this has been useful if you're planning a nursery.


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