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Posted on June 06 2018


Father's Day is coming up and as if men aren't hard enough to buy for, as a Daddy there's now got an EXTRA celebration to buy for! 

To make it easy for you, we've created this free printable for you to give to your baby daddy to celebrate his big day. Feel free to get him the socks / aftershave / artisan beer too (!), but this will add a really personal touch to the day.

The printable we created for Mother's Day here was so popular that we've adjusted it for the Dads. It's completely free and no need to provide your email address or any of that nonsense to access it.

Simply print it out, fill it in with your child and hand it over to the dad-figure in your life for Father's Day this year. It's a downloadable that you can find and re-use EVERY year, and then you can keep it and reflect on the journey your child and father have been on. Our list of questions will bring joy, nostalgia, humour and most certainly happiness, so it's definitely one to download.

We've even created TWO versions, one that says Daddy and one that is intentionally blank for you to use your own word to describe the Papa you want to gift this to.

To download the Daddy printable questionnaire click HERE and to download the blank questionnaire click HERE.

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