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Posted on May 04 2020




When a baby arrives as a new parent you suddenly become preoccupied with sleep – the amount of it, the lack of it, the number of consecutive hours, the number of hours between feeds… the list goes on! So you want to create the most relaxing nursery possible for your baby, a place for them to feel safe enough to catch some zzz.

So we've brought in holistic baby sleep expert, Emma Gawne from Help Baby Sleep to provide some top tips on how the design of your nursery can have an impact on baby's sleep, and most importantly, how we can design it with baby sleep in mind!

It goes without saying that your child’s sleep space is key when it comes to a settled night sleep  - it wants to ultimately be a calm peaceful sanctuary – a place where your little one feels safe and can transition easily from a state of wakefulness to sleep.

When working with clients, I will always start by taking a good look at where their little one is sleeping and from here I then make several adjustments to help improve their sleep environment– sometimes we have just had to change a couple of things such as where the cot is positioned and we have seen immediate positive results!

To help you when setting up your child’s room here is a quick rundown of my TOP BABY NURSERY SLEEP TIPS.

Choose Calming and Warm Colours for the walls and furnishings

Anything too bright like red, yellow or stark white can cause overstimulation and make it difficult for your child’s brain to switch off.

I would also avoid using bold images or anything that does not promote calm on the walls or in the furnishing.

My suggestion would be use photographs of close family - placed at eye level instead.

Invest in a heavy duty black our blinds or black out curtains

Your baby wants to be cocooned in darkness during the night and often bedrooms letting too much light in can lead to unnecessary early risings.

In the morning however, it is important to draw back the curtains / blinds to let in the light and support your child’s morning energy.

Use a night light with either a red or orange bulb

If you are worried about your child not sleeping well due to being scared of the dark then invest in a night light but try to avoid using blue light as this will interfere with your child’s melatonin levels and make it difficult for them to fall and stay asleep. I would recommend using either a bulb with an orange or red glow which will not affect their sleep hormones.

Create and optimal room temperature

The temperature of your child’s room is also key – guidelines from the NSF suggest having it between 18-20 degrees for an optimal night sleep. Too cold and they may wake more than necessary - too hot and their melatonin levels will be affected again making it tricky to fall and stay asleep – hence in the summer months children often don’t fall asleep until later.

Place the head of your baby’s head or cot or bed against a solid wall

In Feng Shui, this is called having the support of ‘the mountain’. It energetically gives protection and encourages peace 

Feng Shui

So often we put the cot or bed in the corner of the room.  While this is great in that it gives support to the head of the bed, in Feng Shui being pushed up against a wall limits the amount of Qi energy your child will receives. Ideally, their bed should have space either side for the Qi to settle equally on both sides, with a bedside cabinet either side to provide energetic support

The very best Feng Shui place to put your baby’s bed for good, sound and restorative sleep is in the ‘Command Position’ in the room. This is the location that is furthest from the door, but not in line with the door, with a solid wall behind and space either side of the bed.

Don’t place your baby’s cot or bed under the window

Sleeping under a window could disturb your baby while she sleeps. If you have no option at all but to place her bed under the window, make sure you have thick heavy curtains on the window and keep them fully closed when she is sleeping.

And there you have it my Top Tips for creating a sleep sanctuary for your little ones for more tops tips and sleep support please follow me on Instagram @helpbabysleep or visit my website





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