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Posted on February 17 2020


 If you're having a baby in 2020 and planning your own modern nursery then you'll want to check out our top trends in nursery design for the coming year. It's currently an exciting time in the world of kids interiors and nursery decor, with some truly special designs.  



Colours that we are seeing in babies' bedrooms, and indeed, across interiors in general for 2020, will be much warmer tones than were popular in the last decade.

Mustard Nursery

Cool greys will be replaced with warmer shades of grey and taupe, being paired with even warmer rust and mustard. 



Dusky pink remains popular in girl's nurseries and doesn't show any signs of disappearing. A modern update on the sweet pinks of the past, dusky pink is to be paired with clean lines, abstract shapes and more of those warm shades we've mentioned above.

Green is proving popular still. Of course, mint green has always been a common choice for the gender neutral nursery but we will see everything from the pale mint greens right through a darker forest green popular in nurseries in 2020. 

Paint Effects

Using paint in more interesting and imaginative ways will be BIG in nursery interiors for 2020. This particular trend is one that we are seeing across the world of interiors, but it is an excellent tool for decorating a nursery. It's a fantastic way to add detail and features to your nursery with little financial outlay... an imagination, some paint and some tape are all you need to get started.

Colour blocking with a straight line is a nice and easy starting point... a simple straight line either vertically or horizontally, each side in a different colour. This alone can be enough to create the wow-factor in your nursery. Think about painting your door in the same colour for seamless colour throughout the room.

A scalloped edge is a slightly more trickier pattern to master but it really does look good and will, no doubt, be worth the effort, for maximum impact!

Here are two of our favourite spaces on Instagram who have perfectly used this paint effect in a nursery.


We've seen paint being used to create graphic mountain murals for years now (see photo below from our now-five year old's nursery) but we love seeing bold and imaginative designs grace nursery walls. Your only obstacle is your imagination!


Are you worried about how these paint effects will look on your nursery walls, and concerned about how that level of detail will impact on all the 'things' you need for baby? Well how about this for a genius idea - paint your nursery ceiling AKA the fifth wall. If you'd prefer to have a neutral and simple wall then this could be the solution you're looking for, for your nursery decor. 

Putting details by your changing table will entertain your little one while they're having their nappy changed, which should make your life so much easier at nappy changing time!

If you're considering doing some colour blocking in your kids' bedrooms... don't be scared! What's the worst that can happen?! The great thing about colour blocking in your nursery, is that if you change your mind or if it goes wrong you can just paint over it... simple! We'd love to see your colour blocking effects, please tag us on social media in any of your nursery decor photos. Have fun being creative!

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