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Did you see our blog posts last year about the big nursery and kids interiors trends in 2016? If not you can find them here, here and here - they are still super-relevant and great if you're planning a nursery or kids bedroom.

In the meantime, I want to bring you bang up to date with the big hits that are popular in 2017. While I don’t believe we should be slaves to a trend it can be really nice to pick one or two items to update a bedroom and give it a really contemporary feel. If you keep your décor fairly neutral it doesn’t have to break the bank when it comes to updating a room. And let’s be honest, kids go through A LOT of phases in their lives, and what suits a newborn isn’t going to work so well with a 10 year old.

So here’s my round up of my favourite trends I’ve seen doing the rounds.


If I was planning a newborn nursery now I think I would go down this road – it just feels so cosy but at the same time so modern… in my mind this is exactly how my dream nursery would feel.

If you’re on Instagram then you’ll no doubt have seen THE La Redoute rug, the bohemian, Beni Ourain / Berber style rug... the one that has its own Instagram page. How good would that be in a nursery?

Boho rug nursery
Image: Project Nursery

Do you like? I think it would look great alongside the big tropical leaf prints and the wall hanging just really sets it off.

This year we collaborated with awesome, mama-run brand Made Weave Love to create three styles of weaves to hang on your wall. Bring a touch of boho to your baby’s nursery with just one simple addition. 


We recently painted some abstract mountains on our 2 year old’s bedroom wall, to bring it up to date. It was fairly easy to do with some frog tape, a spirit level and two different shades of grey. I’m really pleased with the result, what do you think?

Adventure kids bedroom

It’s up to you whether you’re looking for a hint of adventure then you can add a few individual touches, such as our Adventure Awaits print by The Little Jones:


Our new brand of wheeled storage boxes, Nobobobo, has a design perfect for that adventure-inspired bedroom. 

Pastels and Candy

Have you noticed the pastels and candy shades that are everywhere right now? I’m sure the scandi-trend has a lot to do with it, but actually there’s some really cool styling that can be done with lots of different pastel shades that is far from minimal.

So you can get creative with your styling and chop and change as often as you like to keep it fresh.

Pastel Bedroom

We’ve recently added our pastel confetti changing mat to the store and it's proving really popular – we’ve got some pastels and a hint of gold, because a touch of gold just gives it that little je ne sais quois… if that’s possible with a changing mat?!


Good old black and white is still around and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is a colourway that is really great for growing with your child. You can change the accessories and it will always be age-appropriate. If plain white walls aren’t for you then how about using some wall stickers to jazz it up a bit, like we’ve done here with our Wee Gallery Wall stickers:

Monochrome Bedroom

I’m finding that as much as I love the white, clean walls of our 4 year old's bedroom, I’m keen to add a bit more depth to the room so within the next few months I’m going to (apparently, controversially) paint one of his walls black. How good does this look though?

Black Wall

We’ve got enough monochrome in stock at Mini Maison to fulfil any amount of monochrome madness.

Clouds are a firm favourite in the nursery world… still so many of our bestsellers are cloud-related. From our mobiles to our rugs to our nightlights (back in stock end of April) and lights, you guys seriously cannot get enough. Clouds are the perfect accessory to a nursery - boy, girl or gender neutral - and, you can keep the cloud accessories for a good few years.



All the love for neon over here – it’s bright, it’s fun, it’s everything a kids’ bedroom should be… inspire your kids in their own spaces and they’ll be well on their way to finding other things that inspire them, outside of the home. The response to our neon collection has been huge and I’ve been so pleased that you’re loving it as much as us. And the great news is, we’re growing it. We’ve got big plans for neon this year so stay tuned. 


We'll back later in the year with another trend update. I’ve heard that sloths and llamas are on the agenda, what do you think to that!?

Have you guys noticed the steady rise of mermaids that are creeping up the charts recently? I’m so excited that in the next month we’ve got two new brands joining that will fulfil your mermaid requirements! Here’s a sneak peek:

What do you think?!

So many of the trends we wrote about in the few months after Mini Maison launched in 2016 are still so relevant, so head over and take a look here, here and here  to be inspired a bit more.

We’ve also got some SUPER exciting news to share... Over the next few weeks and months we’re going to be interviewing some of the best of the best in the world of interiors -  designers, stylists, bloggers and influencers, all about their take on kids’ interiors, in a new series called ‘Mini Maison Meets…’. These are set to be INSPIRING reads and to get your interior juices flowing. We've also got a ton going on behind the scenes, giving the website a bit of a rejig. Phew - that's enough to keep us busy for a while.



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