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Welcome to the final part of Mini Maison’s blog series all about trends in nursery and children’s décor. We will be talking all about colour choices and how to make flowers cool.

I hear you… flowers? Cool? Not possible. Well you are WRONG!

Evidence, part one. Let’s take the famous floral prints of Liberty. The favourite of your Great Aunt or Nana is now totally on trend. The Liberty London building itself is iconic (don’t get me started on how much I love that store) and their prints come a very close second. With brands such as Nike, Levi and Dr Martens doing incredibly successful collaborations it’s a sign that if you pair what could be perceived as a traditional print with something very modern, you can create a product so covetable that everyone wants a slice.

Liberty Print Nike Mini Maison

You see, with florals, it’s all about what you pair with it. If you had some floral curtains with a matching floral bedding set, that’s setting you firmly down the granny path, but pick a bold colour from the print, or a contrasting colour and put it on the walls, the bedding and the décor and you’ve got a really funky room.

One of Mini Maison’s newest art prints, the ‘Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce’ proves that a floral print does not have to be dowdy but can be modern and stylish, working perfectly in a little girl’s bedroom. (I’m not one for gender stereotyping but I’m presuming that if you’re going for floral then you’re decorating for a little girl).

Little But Fierce Print Mini Maison


And if it’s storage you’re after, then our Meadow storage bag has proved very popular, with one customer using a couple dotted around the house. They’re great for storing toys or for using as a laundry basket. 

Meadow Storage bag

To make your floral products work, consider pairing them with gold accessories such as door handles and drawer pulls. If you can get some gold spot wall stickers then that is a really great way to add gold to a bedroom, especially on a temporary basis. Gold and flowers complement each other so well and could take your nursery from baby girl to teenage girl if you desired.

Floral and Gold Mini Maison Nursery


Another great tip is to go BIG or go home (as they say). Use a big floral print and make a statement. I LOVE the room in this photo. If you were going to try and recreate you could order one of personalized wooden signs and create the phrase Je T’Aime.

Big Bold Floral Nursery


And this room below looks so good because they have paired quite a traditional floral print with some modern furniture and abstract artwork. I think I may actually be in love with that tiny Ghost chair.

Modern Floral Nursery


I really hope that I've made my point about floral prints being AWESOME! 

So we'll move onto the next part of this blog, which is all about colour. What are the popular colour shades at the moment? Well, Pantone’s colours of 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you’re sitting there asking yourself, ‘erm, what the heck?’, well here’s the low down. THIS is what Rose Quartz and Serenity look like…

Pantone Colours of 2016 Mini Maison

These colours were selected because of the way they pair together so perfectly. So perhaps you could use them both in your baby’s bedroom, regardless of whether your baby is a boy or a girl. Or even better, if you’ve got mixed gender twins!

You can use them alone or together, or pair either of them with a more neutral colour such as grey or white, OR if the mood takes you, as part of a selection of mid-pastel tones, which are popular right now.

This eases me very nicely into the realm of pastels, part of the uber cool Scandinavian design wave that we’re seeing at the moment.

Pastels can really work well if you’re nervous of bright colours, but still want your room to have character and depth. You can use the whole rainbow of colours and it will still come together and look like a scheme or you can just pick one or two and really embrace the combination that you choose, as they've done in this room below.

Pastel nursery


If colour isn’t your thing, then you’re in luck. This year is all about monochrome. That’s right, black and white. It’s popular. Like, paint your feature wall grey, popular. If you’re on Instagram then this won’t have passed you by. There is definitely something to be said for creating a really bold, vibrant room using just black and white.

Here are couple of crackers we’ve found: 

 Monochrome nurseryMonochrome Nursery Mini Maison

Sources:  and

Of course, if you’re pregnant and planning a nursery, the chances are, you don’t know whether you’re having a gorgeous little boy bundle or a gorgeous little girl bundle. But the reality is, unless you have a ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’ mentality it really doesn’t matter. 

Pastels – yep, can be boy or girl. If you are slightly more traditional, just add more pink if when your little girl arrives or more pale blue if you deliver a boy
Monochrome – whether you stick to the stringent black and white, or add a bold colour alongside it, this is also great scheme for gender neutral nursery
Grey – if in doubt, paint your room white with a couple of shades of grey, it’s such a versatile base colour that can easily be added to. Here’s some inspiration for you:

Grey Mini Maison Nursery


Grey and pastel nursery Mini Maison


We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the trends in the world of nursery and children’s bedrooms, or at least found it useful. Planning a bedroom for a little person, or even a playroom is such a great experience. Use your imagination, have fun and most of all enjoy it!



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