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Welcome to Part Two of Mini Maison’s blog all about trends in nursery and children’s décor. Last time we looked at the weather and the world of stripes.

This week we go to some of my FAVOURITE of all the trends.


First stop, as summer is very nearly here, is tropical. This trend sings of summer and every single time I look at one of our products in this scheme, it genuinely makes me happy inside. To the point where I’m figuring out if it’s possible to have a massive flamingo sitting in the corner of my living room.

As well as flamingos, think palm trees, watermelons, pineapples, and if you want to stay ahead of the game, cacti have made recent appearance and VERY soon we’ll be stocking some rather cool Cactus Lights.

Magnus and Mouse Blanket and Sheet Set

First stop though on the Mini Maison tropical tour, is our tropical suitcase set. Three suitcases that fit nicely inside one another, although why you wouldn't have them all on display I do not know. One has a flamingo pattern, one a watermelon design and one pineapples.Mini Maison doesn’t stop there, we have Watermelon wall hooks. These are totally adorable and mega-useful. For example, for hanging clothes from when you can’t be bothered to put them back in the drawer on the rare occasion that their clothes don’t need washing at the end of EVERY SINGLE BLOOMING DAY! 

Watermelon Wall Hooks

We’ve got the lovely soft, organic pineapple cot bed sheets and blankets… and are currently offering £10 off the set, which is a fantastic bargain. And seriously, they are SUPER soft and snuggly. 

Two of the fab designs from HELLO Henry features a neon pink flamingo on and (exclusively) a Pineapple. These paper storage bags may sound like they’re going to last about two minutes, but actually they’re really durable and hard-wearing. We have these dotted all over the house.

Paper Storage Bags

So we’ve covered bedding and storage and now to the walls. Some of our prints would work PERFECTLY in this scheme… the cute and amusing ‘Pineapple of my Eye’ print is a really lovely addition to a nursery or young child’s bedroom. Plus there are the absolutely beautiful dusky pink wall stickers. These are not for the bright, in-your-face tropical nursery, but the more sedate and classical nursery, so beautiful are they.

Pineapple of My eyeLilpinso Flamingo

So as you can see from the vast array of products we have… tropical really is topical (do you see what I did there?!)


What does adventure mean to you? To me it means travel and exploring. But for my boys at their tender ages of 1 and 3, adventure means going down a really big slide or trying a Pad Thai; but in years to come I can’t wait to take them on longer, more exciting adventures. From walks in the woods to travels to far off and exotic lands, I want to be the parents that show their kids the world… tomorrow I’ll have changed my mind and think ‘it’s so much easier to go all-inclusive in Majorca!’ But for now, let’s stick to my ‘perfect parent scenario’. To fit in with this trend Mini Maison has got some really lovely mountain wall hooks in a very on-trend monochrome scheme, plus there’s our popular grey Welcome To the World print, on which all the letters are filled with maps of the world. The beauty of this print is that because grey is basically THE neutral colour of the decade, and because the maps are, well, map colours, this print can go with a multitude of colour schemes.

Mountain hooks


Welcome to the world print

A couple of our baby mobiles also fall within this category; there’s one with clouds and aeroplanes on and another with hot-air balloons and clouds on. So I guess it depends on if your adventure is old-school or high-tech! The choice is yours.


Hot Air Balloon Mobile

The hot-air balloon mobile would sit really well in a bedroom alongside our HELLO Henry hot air balloon storage bag… again, durable and very well priced.

These products would sit so nicely in a room decorated with warm taupes and greys, with lots of wood and natural products. I’m desperate for a wood-cladded wall!

The final trend today sort of sits with its toes dipped in the Adventure scheme we’ve just discussed…


This tribal style evokes the same sort of feelings as Adventure and the two would fit SO nicely together in one room. In fact, this is exactly what I intend to do when I decorate my not-so-little baby’s room in the next few months. I’m going to be using an EXCLUSIVE HELLO Henry paper storage bag with a Tipi on and then putting up our gorgeous ‘Born To be Wild’ Tipi print. I wish I could tell you about another product that we’ve got coming VERY soon that sits superbly inside this scheme but I’ve been sworn to secrecy! Safe to say, it’s gorgeous and one of the most important products in any nursery.


paper storage bags

A kids’ bedroom isn’t complete these days without some sort of reading nook or teepee and we are proud to be stocking Wildfire Teepees. Ultra-cool, ultra-modern… your little ones might just think you’re the coolest parent in the world buying them one of these! 

Wildfire Teepee

These teepess will last well into their teens, so this is really a long term purchase that's great and can see you through many a spoglet's hide and seek games. Being a totally cool parent is probably a good place to leave today's piece.That’s all from us this time around.

Our next blog sees the final chapter in our series about nursery trends – we talk all about colours and the modern floral print.

See you next time.


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