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Posted on March 21 2016


So, what are the trends in nursery and baby bedroom décor? Well this is part one of Mini Maison's blog series all about this very subject. 

As I sit writing this in the UK, the trends I see around me are actually pretty varied and social media has a huge role to play in this. 

In mainstream interiors, we are seeing gold and general opulence sitting alongside natural products such as wood and marble with lots of green foliage and reclaimed products. 

Interior Trends 2016

Image source: Noam Hazam Design Studio

As you can imagine, some of these trends really don't work that well in a baby's bedroom.

With Pinterest and Instagram having more influence in our lives, much of our inspiration comes from the web, and when it comes to the decor of our children's bedrooms it's no different.

It seems that if you're more of a Pinterest addict then you tend to go for styles that are big across the pond and if you're an Instagrammer you lean more towards the trends that are big in Australia and Europe.

So here’s my overview of what's going on in nursery interiors.


This stripy trend first hit our digital screens a few years ago from the US. It certainly would have been about the time I had my first baby as I was seeing these great geometric patterns online but couldn't find them in the UK really, which I found really blooming frustrating.

Chevron Nursery Mini Maison Project Nursery

Image from: Project Nursery

A grey chevron pattern like we see in the picture brings enough detail to a room to make it interesting without being too bonkers. Plus grey is always such a fab neutral base colour and can be mixed with basically any other colour you can think of, so is great for a gender-neutral nursery.

Mini Maison will soon be stocking a fab grey chevron nappy stacker, that has touches of mint green. So actually would look really great in this nursery pictured above. Stay tuned for when these come into stock.

Also check out our chevron storage baskets in a great pink (that’s more like a coral pink than a pink pink if you know what I mean!) and a green that is really vibrant and bright. These are great for keeping nappies in and all the associated paraphernalia!


The Weather

 Cloud Rain Weather Nursery Trend Moodboard

Here in the UK we love a bit of weather chat, right?! Well this is the perfect scheme for us then. It’s all about clouds and sunshine and rain, with the odd rainbow thrown in for good measure. Colours that work well in this theme are pastels and there’s an abundance of products around that will fit this bill. At Mini Maison we stock an array of items, our grey cloud rug will look just fabulous in any theme or colour nursery, it will just add a cool, contemporary touch. It’s lovely and thick too so you can pop your baby on there for a good roll around!

A Lovely Little Company's cloud night lights come in blue and white and are SUPER cute, and give just enough of a glow to keep your baby or toddler happy but not too much that it keeps them awake, heaven forbid.

We’ve got two mobiles that include clouds, one has a hot air balloon design and the other airplanes and they are GORGEOUS. None of those plastic mobiles that just look awful… our mobiles will entertain your baby AND keep your nursery looking stylish.

Our Magnus and Mouse Cloudy Day cotbed sheets have blue and violet clouds on them and are so soft it’s ridiculous. Plus, they’re organic so you know your baby isn't going to be inhaling any nasty chemicals. These are a great gift to give – and one you can buy in advance as they’d suit a baby boy or girl.

What would look so good with those sheets is our Lilipinso and Co Cloud and Rain wall stickers which use lots of the same colours, and have cute phrases on like ‘Smile While It’s Raining’.

This brings me to what is probably the most important item for sale at Mini Maison… the You Are My Sunshine print. It’s important for a number of reasons – firstly because you need some sunshine amongst all of those clouds and raindrops, and this is the perfect item. But secondly and much more importantly, because ALL* of the profits go to Children with Cancer UK.

From the moment I decided to launch Mini Maison, I knew there had to be a charitable element to it and that it had to actually mean something. I’ve seen so many companies say they’re giving the money from the sale of an item to charity, but then you look closer and realise it’s an absolutely MINISCULE amount. I find that so frustrating and so… not charitable.  And then I was inspired by a wonderful blogging website called Selfish Mother who created the uber-cool Mother sweater and tees (check them out here if you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t seen them before), and I learnt that it absolutely is possible to create a product and donate a large chunk of the sale price to charity.

Mini Maison designed this print with Children with Cancer UK because it just felt right. Whether it was sitting on the hospital wall of a poorly little one or on the bedroom wall at home, it would bring a smile to people’s faces and some sunshine into what might actually be a pretty crappy day. 

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children's charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer, so, you know, it's pretty blooming important. So do something good AND get a great looking product.


That’s all for now folks. See you next week for more nursery decor guidance, including Adventure and Tropical trends. 


*ALL profits means 35% plus VAT


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